About HKTA

The Hong Kong Tourette Association was established in 2018 by patients with Tourette Syndrome and their families, with assistance from the medical staff of the Children and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at Queen Mary Hospital.  We are a non-profit-making statutory body incorporated under the Societies Ordinance, Chapter 151 of the Laws of Hong Kong. We promote care, love and support among our members.  We strive to boost morale of our members and share our valuable experience with each other during our journey for treatment and rehabilitation.

Our Mission:

# Help Tourette Syndrom Patients and their families cope with the desease by providing them with medical resources and support.

# Enhance stronger education on Tourette Syndrome, both to schools and the public, and obtain greater medical resources for Tourette treatment and prevent discrimination.

# Work with relevant authorities to develop policies and services for the better treatment of Tourette patients.